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The space between Gods promises and their fulfillment

I'm Jackie!

Through the years, It has been my joy to write words that have captured the essence of hope in suffering. That have encouraged countless people to boldly face their seasons of struggle.

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As me and my husband settled into our adoption journey, we persevered even when we had no clue how long it’d take for God to move. We waited: for a call, for the case worker, for any sign of hope. Anything to calm our anxious-anticipation. Emotionally exhausted and spiritually exasperated, we had so much love to give, all we needed was an opportunity. Finally, we thought we had one.

A baby girl, 14 days old and in need of a family.  Sharing the news with parents and friends, we became blinded by our own expectations- slowly realizing that what we were waiting for became more important to us than who we were waiting in.

Unfortunately, Months flew by without her arrival. I never knew silence could be so deafening. The case was dropped, and the chance of a daughter was gone. God’s promises felt futile.

I’m frankly embarrassed to admit the failures of my faith, but here with deserted arms and a vacant bassinet, I felt in my core the empty space between God’s promises and their fulfillment. In that space, God spoke even more frustrating words:  “be still.”

I was flooded with discernment. God hadn’t told us to stop waiting, but reminded us that waiting was not about saying, “we got this on our own.” But rather, “we trust you beyond our understanding.” I became so fixated on the blessing, I disregarded the Blesser.  I needed reminding of God’s promises. Of Psalm 62:5 which says, “rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from Him.” (NLT)

What if we trusted God even when His hands withhold the very thing we so desire? Have we forgotten that God delights in working for those who wait on Him? What if waiting on the Lord involves being at rest in Him, as much as in the result? Friend, Complete dependence on God and a willingness to allow Him to set the terms includes His timing, not ours.

Resting in God requires us to surrender the unfolding events of our lives to His unwavering truth. Savoring His promises, even when we feel like we’re starving. Sitting in His presence daily. Fighting for the truth, according to the truth of His word. Canceling out the noise and waiting on God to move in our surrender, not our striving.

I can only imagine the tomb where Jesus’ body laid. Three days of quietness. However, stillness was power. There, in the space between the promises of God and the resurrection of hope lay the soon to be risen, King of Kings. It was dark, but He was not despondent. For in His quiet power, God saved us all. May we feel, with all that we have, all that we want, and all that we expect – the earth shaking, life changing power found in Jesus. Trust it, wait on it and rest in it.

God is never late, never remiss and never far off. His timing, every single second of each and every day, is worth it.

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